Monday, June 20

Introduction and a background on waste management

chair: Alessandro Pavese

14:30-15:00  Introduction to the school with representatives
15:00-15:30  Waste and minerals, an overlooked connection (Mario Tribaudino, University of Torino)
15:30-17:00  What is waste, and how we manage it (Maria Chiara Zanetti, Deborah Panepinto Polytechnical University, Torino)

Tuesday, June 21

HT and LT processes

chair: Giovanni De Giudici

09:00-10:30  Thermodynamics and kinetics of HT-processes (Alessandro Pavese, University of Torino)
11:00-12:30  Low temperature geochemistry (Karen Hudson-Edwards, University of Exeter)

Long-term geochemical processes in the environment

chair: Daniel Vollprecht

14:30-16:00  The geological significance of novel anthropogenic materials: deposits of industrial waste and by-products (Joris Dijkstra, TNO, The Hague)
16:30-18:00  Bio-mineral interactions and the environment (Giovanni De Giudici, University of Cagliari)

Wednesday, June 22

Mineralogy and wastes: urban wastes

chair: Luciana Mantovani

09:00 - 9:30  Spatialising urban metabolism: the supermarket as a hub for food circularity (Emma Campbell, Greg Keeffe, and Séan Cullen - Queen's University, Belfast)
10:00 - 11:30  Bottom ash from incineration: production, characterisation, and potential for recycling (Raffaele Vinai, University of Exeter; Jacques Rémy Minane, University of Yaounde I)

Thursday, June 23

Mineralogy and wastes: industrial residues and recycling

chair: Giovanna Dino

9:00-10:00  Metal recycling (Gilberto Artioli, University of Padova)
10.00-11.00  Metallurgical slags (Daniel Vollprecht University of Leoben)
11:30-12.30  Construction and demolition waste description and recovery (Maurizio Bellotto, University of Padova, Marios Soutsos Queen's university, Belfast)

chair: Gilberto Artioli

14:15-15:00  Waste recycling in silicate ceramics: feasibility and effects (Chiara Zanelli, ISTEC-CNR Faenza)
15.00-15.30  Mineral tailings (Giovanna Dino, University of Torino)
16.00-17.30  Poster session

Friday, June 24

Environmental and sanitary issues

chair: Daniel Vollprecht

9:00-10:00  Waste, incineration, environment and sanitary issues: are really at odds? (Francesco Turci, Centro Scansetti, University of Torino)
10:00-11:30  A global strategy for waste management (Marion Huber-Humer, Astrid Allesch, Universitat fur Boden kultur, Wien)