Waste and minerals; an overlooked connection

Mario Tribaudino (Department of Chemical, Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Parma)

What is waste, and how we manage it

Mariachiara Zanetti, Deborah Panepinto (Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering –Politecnico di Torino)

Low-temperature Geochemistry of Waste

Karen Hudson-Edwards (University of Exeter)

Bio-mineral interactions: applications to mine waste

Giovanni De Giudici, Daniela Medas (University of Cagliari)

Carlo Meneghini (University of Rome 3)

Policy of urban waste management: urban metabolism

Marios Soutsos (Greg Keefe, Queen's University, Belfast)

Bottom and fly ashes: constitution

Daniel Vollprecht (Montanuniversität Leoben)

Bottom and fly ashes: inertization and reuse

Roberto Vinai (University of Exeter)

Metals: waste and recovery

Gilberto Artioli (Università di Padova and CIRCe Centre)

Concrete: waste and recycling

Maurizio Bellotto (Università di Padova and OPIGEO)

Mineral tailings

Giovanna Antonella Dino (Earth Sciences Department - University of Torino)

Waste, incineration, environment, and sanitary issues: are really at odds?

Francesco Turci (Department of Chemistry, University of Torino)

A global strategy for waste management

Marion Huber-Humer, Astrid Allesch (Universität fur Bodenkultur, Wien)